Justin Bieber Cancels German TV Show

“Some things are more important than putting on a show … we will back, I promise.”

These are the words that touched me when I read that Justin Bieber backed out of the  German TV showWetten Dass” (Bet It) because of a horrible accident.

photo/associated press

Wetten Dass is huge in Germany with an audience of 10 million viewers. Excitement had been rising over the rumor that something BIG was going to take place Saturday night.

Only the special event went wrong as Samuel Koch attempted to jump over a moving car driven by his father. The 23-year-old was wearing special shoes with a suspension system that may have malfunctioned.

Dr. Wolfgang Raab of Duesseldorf Hospital reported that Samuel had multiple back injuries and fractures; his condition was initially life threatening.

Following surgery on Sunday the doctor stated: “He is in an extremely critical stage.”

The live broadcast has been cancelled. According to Broadcast ZDF the TV show was supposed to include an appearance by singer Robbie Williams and Phil Collins.  Also, Cher and actress Cameron Diaz were among the guests.

I don’t pay attention to teen music, still I see Justin’s name a lot on the Internet and understand the reason he’s so popular—this young man is real—has a heart.

“Please pray for Samuel Koch and his family as we wait and hope for his health and safety,” pleads Justin.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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