10 Photos Of Ancient Vanishing Landmarks

I didn’t know about some of these historical markers—maybe you didn’t either. Below is ten of the famous twelve sites.

photo/Umit Bektas
Damaged frescoes in the Church of St. Gregory of Tigran Honents reveal a tale of neglect in the medieval city of Ani, now part of Turkey.

photo/Wojtek Buss
Recently restored Saint Volodymyr Cathedral rise in contrast to ruins of a basilica dating back to sixth century A.D. in Chersonesos, Ukraine.

photo/David Silverman
Palestinian man cleans Tree of Life mosaic before First Lady Laura Bush‘s 2005 visit to Hisham’s Palace, north of Jericho.

photo/Bobby Haas
A mosaic of clustered rooftops in Lamu, Kenya one of the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa

photo/Susan Liebold
Dating back to third century B.C., Mahasthangarh in Bangladesh is one of the earliest urban archaeological sites in South Asia-site is still sacred to Hindus.

photo/Randy Olson
Rebuilt gates and mud-brick walls around “lost city” of Nineveh near Mosul, Iraq are popular tourist attractions.

photo/James P. Blair
Versailles of the Caribbean, Haiti’s Palace of Sans-Souci constructed in 19th century. The king’s subjects revolted in 1820, forcing him to hide in the palace, where he committed suicide.

photo/George P. Mobley
Mirador Basin in Guatemala; the four cities in the Basin predate Tikal by 1,200 years, but the Mirador ruins continue to lie abandoned under 2,000 years of jungle growth.

photo/James L. Stanfield
Caves, monasteries, and mosques – the city of Taxila in Pakistan was a crossroads of industry in the ancient Middle East – beginning in the sixth century B.C.

photo/Photo library
Ruins of  ancient gymnasium in Famagusta, Cyprus once considered among the richest cities in the world – founded as early as the third century B.C.

I can close my eyes and let these images take me away to another time, another place and another world. It’s no.4 that intrigues me most … no cars necessary here.

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