He Was Not Supposed To Die

Have you ever said to someone in your family or maybe to your best friend: “I would give my life for you?”

photo credit/physorg.com

Well, when Ryan Arnold found out that his brother, Chad, needed a liver transplant he had one thing to say: “I gotta do this.”

The orthodontist, with a wife and three children, traveled from South Dakota to the University of Colorado Hospital, where they have been doing liver transplants since 1997.

Did you know that the liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself? Still, living donor liver transplants are rare in the U.S.

Before the transplant, Ryan told KDVR-TV: “I’m healthy and I know I’ll stay healthy. I’ll recover and I want to see him do the things he wants to do, and spend time with his family, and I want to have him around for a long time.”

When brother Rod was asked how Chad was holding up, he responded: “I think overall his attitude is to make his life count.”

Not long after the transplant, Ryan made his way to Chad’s bedside for a little reassurance. “I love you bro’… you’re worth it. I believe in you.”

Four days later, on Aug.2, Ryan died.

“He was a man of uncommon character and someone I looked up to,” brother Rod declared. “What he did for Chad was really just an extension of how he lived his life.”

Chad went home, but not for long. He has been readmitted to a Denver hospital where he continues to recover from a liver disease.

Let us pray…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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