Cop Breaks 84yr Old Mans Neck

Daniel Daley is throwing back a few at the Caboose Bar in Orlando Saturday night. All is right in his world until the 84-year-old makes his way across the street to the Ivanhoe Grocery.

photo/Dave D’Marco

Not paying attention the senior parks in a handicap space and heads inside. Next thing he sees a tow truck hooking up his vehicle and runs out the door. He tries to stop the driver from taking his truck.

The police are called and Daniel has words with the officer. The elderly man is furious now and grabs the officer for the third time, “I’m not going anywhere until I knock this cop out.”

Daniel reminds me of my grandpa; he was feisty—drinkin’ or sober—if he got riled.

Anyway, it seems the officer has had enough and slams the old man to the ground, using a maneuver called a hip-check.

Daniel is now in Florida Hospital in critical condition with a broken neck. Doctors told Daniel’s son, Greg, that only ten percent of adults at any age survive this type of break.

The Orlando Police Department has not released a report, but states the officer was authorized to use force because of Daley’s actions.

Here’s what I think: Daniel Daley was wrong. Still, the officer should have used some common sense. Are the police not trained to use less violent methods in certain situations?

What do you think?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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