The Road To Hell

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Ever hear that one? Well, I’m afraid that 61 year-old Brian Boland of Post Mills, Vermont is about to learn this lesson.

Brian operates the Post Mills Airport and last month he had a brilliant idea: use the heap of wooden planks and other debris scattered along the edge of his property to build a community gathering place. There would be no admission and not a touch of commercialism.


Gazing at the wood planks, Brian envisioned a Dinosaur as the perfect structure. He sent out the call for volunteers and they went to work. After weeks of hard labor, the humongous sculpture was finished.

Dirk Koppers lives down the street and loves it. “It shows such creativity,” he declared. “You just don’t go to places and be surprised anymore. Everything’s always so controlled or so governed.”

Mary Wilson, who lives next door to Dirk, doesn’t agree. “It’s an interesting piece of art, but personally I don’t find it all that appealing.”

Still, others cheer Brian on and stop to take pictures. It was a fan from Boston who titled the sculpture “Vermontasuarus.” Boland has decided to keep the name.

However, it’s the town and state that hold the fate of “Vermontasuarus” in their hands. If officials deem that Brian needs to pay a small fortune in permits or that it’s unsafe; he may be forced to dismantle the big guy and haul him to the dump.

See what I mean about the road to hell…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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