What’s Wrong With Our Kids?

Something happened Saturday which encouraged me to tell this story. My husband and I took granddaughter Brittany to the mall. She had taken up with a little boy and they were going from ride to ride. You know the ones that take a lot of quarters.

My husband, David, sat on a bench with his back hurting a little, while I talked with Tyler’s grandpa. We touched on a lot of things, but somewhere in the conversation a remark was made about the problem with today’s kids. On the way home I thought of a story I had read some weeks ago.

Photo/Nikki Boertman

It’s about a dad and his boys.

Imad Ismail brought his family to America from Israel years ago. The best thing about being an American he says: “Freedom for my kids. They have a chance here more than anywhere else. I don’t care if I have money or not, the main thing is my children are good. I’m glad that with their education they will always have a job. I didn’t finish high school.”

In 1985, Imad returned to Jerusalem for his brother’s wedding. At the time he had two boys and a girl. It was summer in the Holy Land and his mother was sitting on the porch. She looked up at him with those all-knowing eyes: “Is your wife pregnant?”

“If I have another girl, Mom, that’s two boys and two girls. That’s it.”

My mother replied, “I hope to God she is pregnant and she has two boys … twins … two boys.”

After returning to America, I took my wife, Shirley, to the doctor and she comes out holding up two fingers. “Two months?” I asked.

“No, twins,” she answered.

As the boys grew older they worried about their dad’s safety. He worked in a grocery store with a friend until 4am. They came up with the idea to open a deli. Imad didn’t think it would work because the economy was bad. “We’re going to take a chance,” stated the boys. They pooled their money to help their dad open “Pop’s Deli” in Hickory Hill.

“The customers like our food, and I’ve been here for two years almost. My three sons in Memphis have full-time jobs. Two are engineers. After work they head here to relieve me, so I can go home at 4pm. They help me a lot. You don’t find too many boys doing that.”

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