Age Is Attitude

Yesterday I read an article about a woman who is afraid that people won’t read her blog because she’s in her fifties. Arlene feels that her age works against her, that it will turn people off.

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Those words have a familiar ring, only they come from young bloggers. They say no way will they reveal their age because no one will listen or take them seriously.

Arlene says she really enjoys writing, especially about her experiences with life. If that’s what you love … do it. Write your stories from the heart, write to the reader and soon you will have followers. The last thing they will think of is your age.

Young bloggers shouldn’t give up but persevere. If you are true to yourself, if you‘re sincere it will shine through in your work. In time you will build a following. No one will care how old you are.

Age is attitude. It is not the years that matter but the heart. How badly we want something. How we feel about what we do. The effort we put into our doing. If we do our best there are no boundaries.

Anna Mary Robertson left home to work on a farm when she was twelve. She married in her twenties and had ten children. She loved making embroidered pictures on fabric. In her seventies it became too hard on her fingers, so Anna turned to painting.

She appeared on the Edward R. Murrow television show and taught others how to paint.

When Anna was 100 years old she painted illustrations of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” She died at 101 on December 13, 1961.

She is known around the world as Grandma Moses.

It’s never too late to make a new beginning.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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