Stimulus Tricks On The Internet

This has been around for a while, but I want to give it a fresh look. It’s those certain ads on the Internet; they’re everywhere. You can’t go online without one hitting you smack in the face. The wording goes something like this:

  • Obama stimulus provides money for online college
  • Obama approves credit card bill – find out if you qualify for relief
  • Obama urges homeowners to refinance – take advantage now and save

One picture looked like this, only the president’s image had to be removed as the site didn’t have permission to use it.

It’s not Obama’s fault. Advertisers are trying to take advantage of name recognition. As President, Obama’s name carries a lot of weight. When he signed the stimulus bill many people thought it was a free ride to education, housing, health care, everything.

Only common sense tells us there is no such thing as a free ride. First of all, where did the stimulus money come from? It’s a complicated process, but China owns the biggest chunk of our debt. This debt keeps growing because the government keeps spending. Guess who has to pay it back? Look in the mirror, folks. Taxes will be through the roof by next year. When we file taxes in 2011 a lot of the benefits we take now will be cut. And forget about shopping for anything but necessities.

Please, be prepared. I’m not a doomsday sort. Still, I’m watching this stuff floating around the Internet and feel some people may be taken in … don’t let it be you.

David and I have paid off our credit cards, keep one only for emergencies. We seldom buy anything we don’t need. Well, granddaughter Brittany can pull on the purse strings…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


Lance talks to “the family” about calling
detective Mike to check out André.

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