Back Door Amnesty

Yesterday morning, May 25th, I made a call to our Florida Senator’s office in Washington, D.C. How nice, someone answered on the first ring, no pushing numbers for five minutes. After giving my name, I told the man who answered: “It’s my understanding that the President will be meeting with Senate Republicans at the policy luncheon. My husband and I hope that the Senator not only will oppose the President’s amnesty plans, but will encourage him to enforce our immigration laws. Thank you for your time.” He asked for my area code and I hung up.

Let me tell you a story that reinforces our need to support legal immigration. When we had our house built in Cocoa, Florida my husband and I lived in Ft. Lauderdale; we couldn’t check on the house too often. Everything seemed fine when we moved in, but over time things began to go wrong. One problem was the back door. It wasn’t installed correctly and water seeped underneath.

Our neighbor was having work done on his house and my husband spoke with the contractor. In order to fix the problem we had to buy a new door, we did. When the workers came to install the door we stayed out of the way. They were almost done when I went to offer them some iced tea. What I saw made me very uncomfortable. The contractor was making gestures, while the two workers seemed hesitant. It was obvious the men couldn’t speak English and weren’t experienced carpenters. That’s when the light went on.

We paid the same amount for the job as if we had called the company office instead of talking directly with the contractor. We also had the added expense of a new door. Guess what? Our back door still doesn’t work right.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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