Will New $100 Bill Trick Tricksters?

Have you heard about the new $100 bill? Well, the greenback made its debut last month and it sure looks different. Kinda stylish actually. Ben Franklin is still there, only this time he brought the inkwell along.


There’s supposed to be a disappearing Liberty Bell and blue security ribbon that are magnified in a mysterious way. If you move the bill, the objects move in a different direction.

The bill was supposed to be in circulation in 2008, only more time was needed to refine the new security features.  Also, this gives the government time to educate us ordinary folk about the changes. I can’t believe they don’t realize that most of the public, and the world, are well aware of the changes.

We are told that the $100 bill is the highest denomination in circulation, that it’s the most frequent target of counterfeiters. This is the last bill to get a facelift. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing began the game of trying to trick the tricksters in 2003. First they added color to the $20, and then the $50, $10 and $5 bills. There is one problem: I was an engraver for a couple of years and ran a small printing press for thirteen. The look, the color, the images, and the ink of our currency is not the counterfeiters biggest obstacle—it’s the paper—this is the hardest to duplicate.

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