Secret Vat Tax Coming Soon

Recently, I saw a video clip of Whoopie Goldberg asking Vice President Biden on “The View” of the government’s plan to impose a new tax on the people. He denied it, said there is no talk.

I’m not buying it. The president’s economic adviser, Paul Volcker, was at a Historical Society event when he let it slip (?) that a VAT “may become necessary.”

Congressional Budget Office director, Doug Elmendorf, told reporters recently that the CBO is now studying a VAT. He also stated, “Many people in Congress are interested in it.” That’s political-speak for: ‘It’s in the works, a done deal.’

What is a VAT? It’s a Value-Added Tax, a national sales tax that will raise the price of everything sold in America by 11 to 20 percent. Thing is, our government has found a clever way to hide this new tax. Here’s how it works:

  • Mary buys equipment to manufacture her shoes; the government places a “sales tax” on her equipment
  • When Mary sends her shoes to a distributor to get them ready for retail sale, another “sales tax” is charged
  • When Mary’s shoes are sold to the local store, there is another  “sales tax”
  • When you buy Mary’s shoes you have to pay all those “sales taxes” combined by paying more for the shoes

And who gets the blame for the shoes being so expensive? Mary. Yet, who do we run to for help? The government … they must put a stop to all this gouging. Everything, clothes, food, electricity costs so much more than it did a year ago. No, we cannot depend on the government to help us. Big government is the problem, not the solution. We must help ourselves by standing up and demanding to be heard. We can make a difference by being different — kind, respectful and peaceful.

BTW, we won’t be told of this “secret tax” it will just happen.

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