Orlando Town Loses Freedom

“Roadside Vendors Could Be Run Out Of Town.” This headline about Groveland, a small town in metro Orlando, caught my attention Monday (April 19). City officials were going to vote that night to decide if regulations should be put on garage sales, roadside vendors, special events, etc. These are some of the regulations:

  • Mobile food vendors would have 18 months to relocate
  • Residents would be required to have a permit for a garage sale
  • Each resident is limited to 12 garage sales per year
  • The Groveland City Council meeting starts at 7pm Monday

I couldn’t wait until the next morning to see if the ordinance had passed. It did. This means it’s illegal to sell things on the side of the road.  You know, like a hot dog stand or that produce place you’ve been stopping at for years. How about kids selling lemonade? Guess that’s against the law too. And Garage sales, c’mon.  David and I are updating the house and just had a week-end yard sale. It helped toward buying furniture. Besides, if you’re only selling a few items a permit would eat up the profits. Groveland has lost its freedom. No more: produce stands, church rummages, teen roadside car washes, little Mary’s lemonade stand, Sam’s hot dogs or Saturday yard sales. All the things folks do for extra money.

The mayor of Groveland said roadside vendors have an unfair advantage over established restaurants that pay more in taxes. This is comparing apples and oranges. If people just want a sandwich, they stop at the roadside place. If they’re going out to dinner, they go to a restaurant.

Mayor Smith also stated that he’s not against entrepreneurs, but wants to level the playing field for all businesses. What?? The little people are being kicked out of town. I wonder if the townspeople showed up at the meeting to object. After all, they will be left with nothing but eat-in places.

Charlene Kish is a mobile food vendor who complains of the injustice. “We’re from this community,” she sighs. “We love our community … put into our community. And it’s not fair that we’re being pushed out.”

This could trickle into Orlando Central … is your town next?

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