Condom Use Not A Cure-All

by Maxi

Recently I read an article by Cheryl Wetzstein on a study of teens using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

It seems that some adults, as well as teens, believe that condoms will prevent STDs. Only a new study by Indiana University School of Medicine discovered flaws in this method.

Nearly 400 teenage girls took part in a study that was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases in January. They met with health care workers every three months, kept a journal of conversations with boyfriends, sexual activities and condom use. They were regularly tested for a STD; 120 girls got Chlamydia infections during the several years they were in the study.

The girls knew they were being tested for a STD and the risks of unprotected sex but stopped using condoms anyway. Why? Because their boyfriends said: “If you trust me, you won’t make me use a condom.”

Whaaat? Call me old-fashioned but where are the parents? In this case, the parents were thrilled to be part of the study. Feeling good about discussing your teen’s sex life? Whatever happened to our responsibility of guiding our children in the right direction; to parents being the ones to tell their kids about sexuality? Sure, it may be hard, but look at the slippery slope  we have gone down in sex education in our public schools.

I’m not a great one to talk, believe me. Still, I’m glad my children are grown. The situation in our public schools today is out of hand.

Let us pray!

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


Lance can hardly sleep since Marci’s accident…

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Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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