Windows 7 Questions Answered

A Post by Kim Komando

Mircrosoft released Windows 7 yesterday and Kim Komando (her real name) has the answers to many of your questions. I have spoken of her before; she is the digital goddess of our times. This is what she had to say yesterday.


Normally I answer a single question in my Tip of the Day. But, this is no ordinary day. In case you didn’t know, Mircrosoft is releasing Windows 7 today! So, I’ve rounded up the most common questions and answered them.

Will I lose my data and software when I upgrade to Windows 7?
With some versions of Windows, you can do an in-place upgrade. For others, a clean installation is required; this erases your program and data. Learn if you can do an in-place upgrade.

How long will Windows 7 take to install?
Windows 7 will be a speedy upgrade for some. For others, it will take eons. Before you start, find out how long the upgrade will take.

What version of Windows 7 can I buy?
As with Vista, there are several different versions of Windows 7. You will encounter three different versions when you head to the store.

Which version of Windows 7 has media center?
Media Center is one of the best features in Vista. It is even better in Windows 7. Learn which Windows 7 versions have Media Center for managing your music and videos.

What are the requirements for Windows 7?
You must have the right hardware if you want Windows 7. But don’t fret. There’s an easy way to check Windows 7 compatibility.

Will my Vista hardware and software work in Windows 7?
You spent hundred of dollars on software and hardware. You probably don’t want to upgrade them. Find out if they will work in Windows 7.

Are machines running Windows 7 available now?
Maybe you don’t plan on upgrading your old machine. Instead, you’ll buy a new one. Learn when machines running Windows 7 hit the shelves.

What do I need to know if I’m upgrading from XP to Windows 7?
Windows XP users are especially anxious about the Windows 7 upgrade. Learn what you need to know about upgrading from XP.

*Go to and type: “windows 7 questions answered” in search bar for complete answers to these questions.

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