Son Used For Balloon Hoax

by Maxi

HoaxWere you glued to the TV watching the silver balloon? Me too. I told my husband the boy probably fell with a basket that was attached to the balloon.

Were you as angry as me to find the dad had used his son for a hoax?  This child is only six—he had to be frightened waiting all that time alone—even if he did know it was only a trick.

This incredible stunt shut down Denver International Airport. The National Guard sent two helicopters to rescue 6-year-old Falcon Heene. I don’t know about you but my heart was in my throat watching the balloon land and … no little boy.

Supposedly, e-mails have surfaced revealing Robert Thomas, a friend of Richard Heene, discussing a similar stunt months ago.

The producer of “Wife Swap” said there was a show in development but it has been canceled due to Heene’s erratic behavior. In one incident he threw a glass of milk at another participant on the program.

Something makes me wonder about the mother’s involvement. Did Mayumi Heene go along because she’s afraid of her husband? Records show that the police have been to the Heene house twice in the past year. There also was another incident; officials tried to persuade her to take shelter at a safe house only Mayumi refused. Child protective services are now involved.

What are your thoughts of this situation?

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