New Documensts Released In Anthony Case

by Maxi

“HerPooh Winnie the Pooh blanket is missing.” That’s what Caylee’s grandma told detectives when they came looking for evidence at her home. It was found with Caylee’s remains.

You know the duct tape that was wrapped around her little head? It was a Henkel brand, same as the duct tape stuck to a gas can at the house. And the laundry bag they found Caylee in? There was one just like it in the home, same brand.

That was in February. Now, the State Attorney’s office has released more documents.

As I read the transcript of the interview with Casey’s friend, Annie Downing, it was clear that she was reluctant to talk.  This only touches on what she had to say:
Casey told me that someone named “Eric” was Caylee’s father. He also got another woman pregnant. She said that “Eric” died in a car accident the day before or the day of Caylee’s second birthday in August 2007.

There was a point where Casey said she was having an emotional breakdown and wanted to commit herself.

Casey also said that Jesse Grund had keys to the abandoned car before it was found.

Another transcript is by witness James Thompson, who works at a computer store. I left out what he said about Casey dressing sexy and provocative and wanting to get involved with her. This is a short version of  what he had to say:

WalMartCasey was in the store with Caylee and seemed jealous when I gave her a Beanie Baby. She rolled her eyes and I distinctly heard a “guhhh” sound.

I saw them one week later and was surprised that Caylee was walking alone behind her mother. She looked angry but determined to open the heavy Walmart door by herself. I felt sorry for Caylee, wondered why her mom wasn’t helping her, looking out for her, taking care of her.

Other records that have been released deal with physical evidence.

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