John Travolta Blackmailed For $25 Million

by Maxi

TravoltaWe all know how much John Travolta adored his son. I knew that Jett Travolta had health problems but didn’t realize he suffered from seizures. He was also autistic.

As someone who deals with focal (partial) seizures let me explain that taking medication doesn’t prevent them. When I read how severe Jett’s seizures were and how often it didn’t surprise me that he was finally overcome.

I’m also not surprised at his parent’s outrage. Two vultures couldn’t wait to skulk from the darkness into the green. They threatened John Travolta with a document that would have released emergency responders from liability if the family refused an ambulance. John signed it because at first he wanted Jett taken to the airport instead of a hospital. Only that didn’t happen.

This man can hardly get of bed in the morning and a paramedic and former senator try to extort $25 million from his bleeding heart? I wonder how many fathers would have crossed the line.

Instead, John Travolta filed charges and testified in front of a jury in the Bahamas.

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