Desperate Tactic by Anthony Attorneys

by Maxi

Are Casey Anthony attorneys grasping at straws? They filed a motion Thursday seeking the dismissal of All charges. Say whaaat??


Here’s their case: evidence was not properly preserved; state deliberately misled the court and delayed formal identification of remains so it could obtain exclusive control of the crime scene; state erred by tampering with victim’s remains and excavation location before defense could bring in its own experts.

Casey’s lawyers said exculpatory evidence (defendants claim of innocence) wasn’t preserved which violated her rights.

This motion is a stunner: the only evidence suggesting a homicide are conflicting reports of where the remains were found, and without evidence, the defense cannot challenge the opinions the state is bringing to court.

Attorneys say Casey’s rights are also denied because they can’t effectively cross-examine witnesses.

I’m not a lawyer … but I am speechless. What about you?

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