Lake Tahoe Truly Loves Jaycee Dugard

by Maxi

“This whole story saddens me. I live here in Tahoe where she was abducted. I went to school with her. Her home was my parents’ friend’s old house. This affected our community deeply. We have funds set up to raise money for her and her family.  There will be a parade and a concert in her benefit this week end. It is so sad how long this went on.”

Tiffany of Lake Tahoe, California made this comment on a post I wrote last week; it is a reflection of the entire community.

JayceeThey held the parade Sunday, Sept. 6 … two thousand people were there. They wore Jaycee’s favorite pink color and carried signs saying: We Love You, Jaycee.

Lake Tahoe also held a march back in 2001 on the tenth anniversary of Jaycee’s abduction. There is a picture of her at age 11 in what would have been her high school year book. The town library displays a plaque in her honor that reads: As God forever embraces you in His love, I forever cherish you in my heart.

I pay tribute and honor to the town of Lake Tahoe, California. In all these years the people did not forgot Jaycee and her family; did all they could to show their love; kept the community aware, and never lost sight that one of their own was still missing.

God bless!

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