Couple End Life at “Suicide Clinic”

If the end is near and life is hard should we be able to make the call?

clinicZurich clinic run by group Dignitas

Edward Downes and his wife Joan did just that. Assisted suicide isn’t legal in Britain so they traveled to a clinic in Zurich and did something that my husband and I have talked about more than once. They took the liquid, lay down next to one another, closed their eyes and held hands … it was over.

They had been married 54 years. Edward was a world-renowned conductor; he became Sir Edward when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Joan was a dancer, choreographer and television producer.

When Joan was diagnosed with terminal cancer they made “the decision.” Sure Edward could have survived without her but why? He was nearly blind and growing deaf not to mention the unbearable heartache.

Here’s the catch: If Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia is legal…

When does the line become blurred? Who decides if we have outlived our usefulness? What if your Mom or Dad is lying in that hospital bed and…

I’m just sayin.’ What do you think?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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