Can You Afford New Carbon Credit Tax?

The government will soon limit our energy use…

footprintOh yes, you read it right. A few years ago I stumbled  onto a web site that asked these questions: What model car do you drive? How far do you drive each day? What kind of energy do you use? How much energy do you use per month?

When the survey was done I was informed that my energy use was over the limit and I should purchase carbon credits to compensate for the difference.

I was then advised to sign a contract and be billed monthly for carbon credits. The money would be used for research, etc. I had to laugh … who would fall for such a scam?

These questions will now be asked by your census taker. We are going to pay a new tax. It’s called a national energy tax, in reality it’s a carbon credit tax.

The Bill passed the House by a handful of votes and is on the way or in the Senate. It’s the biggest tax in American history. President Obama said: “Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

This tax will force companies that produce electricity, gas, heat, etc. to raise rates on the American people beyond their ability to pay … the government will then blame it on the “greedy industry.”

It will also put millions of Americans out of work or force them overseas.

Let’s see, no one making less than $250,000 a year will get a tax increase. Riiight. Unless we use electricity, gas, heat…

This is an outrage! Where do you think the money will go? Do you know your “carbon footprint?”

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