Jon-Kate = Heartbroken Eight

Reality shows … who asks the children?

jon_kate_eightLast night, June 28, I was channel surfing and stopped at TLC out of curiosity because of all the hoopla. It was a rerun of “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” I lasted all of five minutes. Just not a fan of reality shows.

Still, it’s understandable how upset some of you must be because of Jon and Kate’s separation. Especially those who are true to the show and never miss an episode. Imagine how heartbroken and confused those little angels must feel.

Recently there was an incident that really bothered me. Stepping from my home office into the dining/living room area, the TV was on yet my husband was nowhere in sight. On the screen, Kate and the children were sitting on a tan sofa all dressed up for photos.

One of the girls was hot and thirsty, pleading for water. Kate asked for water and someone handed her a bottle. What happened next totally shocked me. The girl’s mother took a sip of water, replaced the cap, and set the bottle alongside the sofa … leaving the little girl hurt and still thirsty … her punishment for being fussy.

Maybe it’s me but I don’t get it. What are your thoughts about this?

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