FTC: Bloggers New Watchdog

Bloggers worry that innocent posts will get them in trouble.


Here’s the problem: Some bloggers write reviews for products or services—and get paid—with cash or gifts. Some will tell us that they have been compensated by the company, some won’t.

This procedure is so widespread that the Federal Trade Commission has stepped into the picture. Rules exist banning unfair business practices … but the FTC wants to specifically include us bloggers. Sooo, new guidelines will be introduced this summer.

If approved, bloggers have to back up claims and reveal if they are being compensated. The FTC could order violators to stop, pay restitution to customers, and ask the Justice Department to sue for civil penalties.

What do you think? Does this upset you? Should bloggers be allowed to police their own?

First thing I do is look at consumer comments when I shop online. Am I being naive? Help!!

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