George Anthony: This Could Have Been Avoided

“You know if we had only gotten custody… instead of just talking about it.”


Do those words surprise you? They did me. That’s what George Anthony confessed to his son’s former roommate.

Cindy Anthony slipped up with an Internet reporter, said that Casey was the reason that Caylee was gone. When the reporter asked if she believed that Casey murdered Caylee, Cindy became quiet. Gotta say that did not surprise me.

Do you watch forensic shows? I do. Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia is my favorite, watch her show every week. She is caring, thorough and professional. During an autopsy she stays in close touch with the family, will go to the nth degree to bring them closure.

The Medical Examiner determined little Caylee’s death a homicide because “the skull indicated that the duct tape was placed in position prior to the  decomposition of the body… root tendrils growing into the vertebrae of the skeleton and into the bags indicated that the body had been placed in area long before the remains were found.”

That is some of the data in the documents. Do you have more interesting facts?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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