Cat Killer Terrifies South Florida

I’m not a cat lover but this story hurts me…



One of these cats was a victim

There is a cat killer on the loose in the Miami-Dade area. All types of cats
are being found mutilated and skinned. It’s not just those running loose
in the neighborhood either, the privately owned cats have been victims also.

Investigators are checking out more than two dozen deaths and have enough evidence to prosecute at least 15 cases.

Police spokeswoman Rebeca Perez said the manner of death indicates a
person killed the animals.

A poster taped to street sign reads: “Be aware that there is a psychopathic coward killing cats.”

Louis B. Schlesinger, professor of forensic psychology, said it was believed that the “Boston Strangler” shot cats with arrows.

“This should be taken as seriously as possible,” he stated.

Local authorities urge that owners keep their pets inside.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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