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safecountDaily Tips by Kim Komando:

Q. I continually receive pop-ups from They usually come when I’m surfing on eBay. I’ve searched the Web. Apparently, Safecount shows up on a lot of Web pages. However, nobody seems to know much about it. Can you show me how to stop these pop-ups?
—Paul in Windsor, Ontario, listening on CKLW 8:00am

A. Safecount is a tool used by advertisers and marketers. It lets them see how effective their campaigns are.

It accomplishes this by presenting visitors with a survey. Completing the survey is optional. In addition, Safecount tracks you while you surf.

Safecount says it isn’t trying to record personal data. According to its site, it only collects non-personally identifiable data. You may be asked to provide an e-mail address, though. That is, if you decide to complete the survey.

As you note, Safecount appears on many sites. For example, it isn’t uncommon to see it on eBay. You’ll also find it on tech sites.

As best I can tell, Safecount is a legitimate marketing company. The pop-ups are not keyed to anything it places on your computer. In fact, it says it does not use cookies or beacons.

Like you, I couldn’t care less about Safecount clients’ marketing effectiveness. The pop-ups are an intrusion and annoyance. And I certainly don’t want Safecount tracking my surfing.

However, Safecount says you can stop it by installing a cookie. I hate that; why should I have to install its cookie? Nonetheless, that may be the only way to block it.

The cookie must remain on your computer. If you delete it, Safecount will return. Also, the cookie must be installed on any machine you use. You can install the cookie at the following site: You’ll see a link to opt-out. Simply click it.

Finally, you can have Safecount delete your data. Send and e-mail to: privacy

Check out Kim Komando(her real name) at … know that you will be as impressed as I am.

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I just received an e-mail from a reader who could not find the opt out option. He searched harder and sent me this link: Thanks Joe!

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