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Kim Komando(her real name) is not only a digital goddess, she is a great person. I listen to her every Saturday on the radio. When she first began some said she would never make it. Her show is now on 460 stations nationwide, she has more than 10 million listeners per week, writes two columns for Florida Today, etc.

This advice came from a recent Newsletter, Tip of the Day, etc.

Q. You recently mentioned Adeona. It is a free program that helps you recover a stolen laptop. My daughter’s laptop was recently stolen. So, I want to install it on all my children’s laptops. However, the site does not seem to be working. Are there free alternatives?

A. It appears that the site is experiencing back-end issues. This is causing
reliability problems.

Adeona is striving to fix these problems. You’ll need to find an alternative in the meantime.

For instance, there is LocatePC. It is designed to run undetected. There will be no pop-ups, icons or saved e-mail. That way, a thief won’t know that the program is running. Further, the process name is obscure. This makes it more difficult to detect in Task Manager.

When a laptop is stolen, the e-mail keeps coming. Hopefully, the police can track it with the IP address.

Let me know what you think of Kim’s web site if you go there. I’m not paid, just a fan.

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