Throw Away Worries!

This wonderful post is from Najma, a friend in the  Blog Catalog community.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Believe it or not the prime emotion of this world is worry. Everybody is worried about something. And some worry about everything. It is such a pity. People lose a lot of time and energy worrying. Worrying about things that may go wrong is the funniest thing people do. People phantomize even minor obstacles and become their own enemies. This funniest thing pushes many into such depressing thoughts that lead people to commit suicide, etc.

This is very annoying. It hurts me to see people sacrificing their own lives to the demons of worry created by their own minds. But those who have lived past their worries and faced the situation know that it was not at bad as they thought. Reality seldom is different from our imaginary difficulties.


Sheep – Ray of Hope

Life is like that. We will live through many things. We live past broken relationships, we live after going through bankruptcy. Yes, we still live. Moral—We still somehow live through it. Mankind is blessed with many good emotions like willpower, determination, etc. So we will survive, provided we face our worries and look through them. Stay there tight and let it pass. It will soon be over. Whenever worries creep into my mind I just ask myself, okay what next will I do if this worst-case scenario happens? I just keep a few options open. Like if this thing happens can I salvage anything from the situation? If not, how bad it’s going to be and how I can handle that. That’s it. When I see my answers to above questions most of my worries look light. This is one way of throwing worries away.

Another way is by changing our perspective of any given situation. A change in perspective leaves us with many open doors to explore. Endless solutions spring in if we could look at the object of our worry in different angles. I do not say that we should not worry at all. I definitely hate the lazy, carefree person, so-called worry free stinking stereo types. Worry is good if it pushes us into construction action. But we should not get obsessed with worrying. That is the catch. Worrying makes us look at our problems with a magnifying glass. If we stop doing it our problems would look manageable. That will give us confidence in finding a solution to the problem. Worries stand in the way of our progress, throw them away. Walking uphill with a ton of stones is much easier than facing problems with worries.

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