Casey Anthony Case: Dad says she’s a good lady



Whaaat … that’s right. In an interview with WKMG-Channel 6 George Anthony talks about his daughter’s character:“Casey’s a good lady, a good mother, good woman. I think what she’s going through is unfair.”

There had been a huge buildup to this interview—it’s going to be very exclusive—the first candid interview since learning of his granddaughter’s death. George Anthony said he hasn’t worked since November, his new mission is finding missing children, aaand didn’t mention suicide attempt.

“I think about Casey every single day, she’s my daughter. I’m going to support her no matter what. I’m not giving up on her.”

Cindy Anthony didn’t want to appear on TV but said that within the next month they plan “a big announcement as they get their Caylee Foundation up and running.” Nice advertisement grandma.

BTW, grandpa did say he thinks about Caylee every day too.

Help me out here. I’m at a loss for words.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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