Jason Earles Discusses TV Sister Hannah Montana


Interview on WZAP Radio


Not only does Miley Cyrus have the best of both worlds;
she is the best of both worlds – Jason Earles

Earles talks about a day on the set as Jackson Stewart alongside Miley Cyrus.

“She’s sorta like hangin’ out with a dude.”

Jason said he hoped that Miley didn’t take that the wrong way…

“You can’t say anything to shock her. We spend most of our time burping and
farting around each other on the set. I think people would be shocked with
how non-shockable she is.” Well there ya have it, two buds hangin’ out.

“She’s also cool to just joke around with. We play a lot of Guitar Hero in her
dressing room. When we have breaks, we run out and get sushi together.”

It’s almost sorta like brother and sister – except that Jason will be 32 next
month. Nothing wrong with that in my book; more power to him when you can
look nineteen and play Hannah Montana’s brother on TV.

Jason says: “Ten years from now when we look back at ‘Hannah Montana, ‘ I
hope it’s viewed in a positive way.”

Don’t think he has to worry about that, do you? My little granddaughter, Brittany, is four … and she loooves Hannah Montana.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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