Conflict Between Anthony and Baez?



Will the public ever know how Casey Anthony
is paying for
her defense?

March 25, 2009

It took me back a little to see Casey Anthony sitting at the table. She
looks older, has gained weight — ain’t the cocky, young-looking kid that strutted into the courtroom the first time we saw her.

Cindy and George Anthony are there but no sign of brother Lee. Dad is smiling, maybe he’s coming around from his depression.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is arguing with the judge that he should be
checking out Anthony’s finances. Says if she’s convicted and there’s a
dispute between her and Baez it could lead to the case being redone.

The judge took Casey and the lawyers behind closed doors with a court reporter. When they came back out Casey Anthony raised her hand and swore there were no deals between her and Baez for “her story.”

Do you suppose she’s gettin’ money from someone else? Can inmates make book deals in prison?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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