New York Doc Sick of Bureaucracy



Dr. Muney of New York is only charging his patients $79 … and they can come as many times as they want.

He was on TV recently and I couldn’t believe what he said … that his patients pay 60% of their premiums for paper work, bureaucracy, etc. That’s right, 60%. We all know it’s true. In many situations it’s run as many tests as possible, do as may surgeries, etc. Let’s keep the costs escalating.

Well, this angel in a white coat got sick of it and decided to charge less and do his own paper work. Aaawright. Way to go, doc.

Wrong—a letter comes from the State saying if he does this he is doing insurance business. So, he’s not allowed. Oh, really!

Our angel appears on TV and the State agrees to compromise. He can charge the $79, but also has to charge $33 for actual sick visits. Dr. Muney says he doesn’t need it, but agrees.

Why do you suppose the government can’t stand to give the people a break?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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