July 31, 2008

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” was the theme of my wedding—it is also the backbone of this country. Doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything, but we do need to support one another when it comes to our homeland.

This election is the longest I have witnessed. In a way it’s a good thing, ’cause the candidates true colors are bound to show. It’s also causing the voters to get testy, more than usual it seems.

“I’m not voting.” I hear that a lot. Many feel there is no one to vote for so they are not going to vote at all. This is where we turn our back on our country. Not on our party, not on one another—on our country.

And what an incredible country it is! Do you know that the people of Cuba just gained the right to own a computer? Yet, they are not allowed to access to the Internet?

With all its flaws, this is still the best country in the world … and voting is the system that makes it tick.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


About Maxi

Hi … I'm Maxi, a retiree with an addiction. I have quit: raising kids, cleaning house, cooking, doing laundry—there is no end the list—everything is done on "have to." The addiction? Writing to my last breath. blessings ~ maxi
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