Behind These Walls

V 1Our beautiful three bedroom/three bath home settles on an acre of land.

News From Home

A lot of upgrades have been going on at Maxi’s
house lately. So much so that I was prepared
to take a working vacation.

And then…

Yesterday an official letter showed up in the mail.
This business will eat up a lot of my time. A couple
of weeks at least.

Aaand you won’t believe…

who showed up in the middle of all this. I
will have to tell you that story when I return.

Until then…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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America — What Day Is It?

Sept 1

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Give It Up

G 1

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When Is Honesty Not The Best Policy


H 2

(These were plucked from the Internet)

— Many organizations make bold claims about how they value honesty above all else. But deceit has its merits too. Telling the naked truth to your employees can result in panic, stress, or spite.

— According to new research by Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer and Wharton doctoral student Emma E. Levine, lying in the right circumstances can be ethical, helps to breed trust in difficult times, and can help boost morale.

— The point here is there’s a continuum of dumping that ranges from outright physical violence on the one end of the spectrum to far subtler forms of aggression — honesty being the subtlest of all forms of assault. (this from a psychologist)

What The Hey?

Feelings have now become more important
than character and integrity.

We can say what we think without being rude.

This actually happened

Friend: “Am I gaining weight?”

Me: “ Well, you have put on a few pounds.”

Friend: “Oh, so now I’m fat.” This turned into a tirade.

Me: Walked away.

Friend: Came to her senses, found me, apologized.


I have taught my granddaughter two things
you never do in life:

•never lie
•never cheat

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies in the LBC have their own tales to tell:
Ramana,Shackman,The Old Fossil

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The Dubai Miracle Garden


The Dubai Miracle Garden features over 45 flower species
imported from all over the world. A multitude of shaped
archways, flowerbeds and structures can be seen at the
18-acre site

The colorful array is watered by a system that recycles
waste water while avoiding evaporation

G 1Dubai Miracle Garden is world’s biggest flower garden. It is situated
in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange

G 2This amazing tourist attraction is a Guinness Record Holder for the
Largest Vertical Garden . Also popular is the heart-shaped flower
beds at the Alley of Hearts
G 3Dubai Miracle Garden has more than 45 million blooming
flowers with stunning color combinations

G 4Bordered by windmills, this area provides parking, sitting areas,
a prayer room and shops for visitors to Dubai Miracle Garden
G 5 The Dubai Miracle Garden features a sensational 45 million flowers
over a 18-acre site, from breathtaking flowerbeds to heart-shaped archways and adorned castles

G 6The spectacular bonanza provides a colorful oasis for the eyes
of city workers, who can escape to the natural splendor
G 7 In order to create a fresh experience for guests visiting the
rainbow gardens, the displays are changed seasonally
G 8These have included millions of flowers in the shape of the UAE’s flag, floral clock, a Ferrari car with driver decorated by flowers, a vertical buried car zone, flower apple structures, artificial animals, flower boats and an Islamic Arch Design
G 9At the moment, there are 45 species of flowers in the garden,
which are imported in from all around the world
G 10If the natural landscape was not incredible enough, what makes this attraction particularly impressive is the unique sub-surface irrigation system that recycles waste water via drip irrigation while avoiding evaporation and saving up to 75 per cent of water and energy
G 11A fantasy flower house at the Miracle Garden , which has
plants growing over its turrets, doors, walls and towers
G 12A pathway shaded by umbrellas at the Miracle Garden ,
provides a colorful walkway for visiting guests
G 13Peacock topiary covered in an array of colorful flowers
at the largest natural flower garden in the world
G 14There is no limit to the imagination gone into the design
of the gardens, which include flowers streaming
like hair from a giant human
G 15Barrels tipping streams of flowers, and peacocks with
colorful plumages are featured in the creative attraction
G 16Even Disney characters such as Mater from Cars can be
seen at the Dubai oasis, of course decorated with flowerbeds
G 17Giant structures can be viewed in the park,
covered from top to bottom in an array of flowers

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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If You Want Love To Work

Love 1

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Ideas Can Be Explosive

Planning and Planting

Maxine is a master at making a plan —
then planting it in the mind of her victim

P 1 P 2 P 3 P 4P 5 P 6 P 7

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies in the LBC have their own tales to tell:
Ramana,Shackman,The Old Fossil

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Is This Blog For U

W 4We are on a new journey at Maxi’s Comments. It’s all about words. Explosive words, Aha words, On-the-same-page words, Words that fill your eyes…

And your heart.

If you tag along, you will be surprised at how much fun we have.

At times something personal pops up, which surprises me every time. Still, we can’t connect if we don’t get up close and personal once in a while.

I have read that blogs with a niche do better. Maybe so, but I would rather be happy than have more. To my mind, a niche is vital when a blog exists to make money.

Oops, shoulda took that out.

I didn’t ’cause it doesn’t matter. Each of us want our blog to reach out and touch others, to know that we have something to offer.

Maxi’s Comments is here to make you think, to fill your heart, and to lighten your day.

Until our paths cross again…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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10 Images To Bring A Smile To Your Heart


S 1 S 2 S 3 S 4 S 5 S 6 S 7S 10S 8S 9

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies in the LBC have their own tales to tell:
Ramana,Shackman,The Old Fossil

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10 Glorious Sunsets To End Your Day

Look outside your window and imagine…

Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3Sunset 4Sunset 5Sunset 6Sunset 7Sunset 8Sunset 9Sunset 10

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

(photos from Corel Paintshop Pro)

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Puppy Love Ain’t Real

One of my favorite posts from the past:

When we’re young and that first special someone lights our heart afire no one can convince us love won’t last forever; until reality comes aknockin’…

 Pup 0Hey, I know you

Pup 1Don’t try to make up for bitin’ my tail

Pup 2Sorry, I won’t call you any more names

Pup 3I don’t care if you are a kitty kat

Ain’t love grand!

 May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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10 Historic Tree Tunnels of The World

Every day I think to myself I have to put this post up again; it is the most popular of any post I have ever done. Viewers come every day to gaze at these beauties…

 10 Tunnel10. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany
These Cherry Blossoms trees are a sight to behold on a
street in Bonn, Germany. The floral will create a brilliant
pink archway for 7 to 10 days, depending on the weather.

 9 Tunnel 9. Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brazil
I could spend the day beneath the richness of these giant Rosewood.
There are more than one hundred Tipuana (Rosewood) trees along Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2006, Mayor Joseph Fogaça decreed this street a part of Brazil’s historical,
ecological and environmental heritage.

8 Tunnel 8. Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA
These trees are ablaze with the fiery colors of autumn on a street
near Smuggler’s Notch, a Vermont State park. The spectacle
begins in the North and spreads South throughout the season.

7 Tunnel 7. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan
This is dedicated to you, Fossil. The Gingko Biloba tunnel is a
blazing beauty, one of the most revered trees in all of Japan. Some
of these trees survived the Hirsoshima bombing; they are known
as “the bearer of hope” or “the living fossil.”

 6 Tunnel6. Yew Tree Tunnel, UK
The Yew Tunnel in Whales, UK has been an inspiration to writers since 1470. It’s a popular tourist attraction of the medieval Aberglasney House. The tunnel was nearly destroyed due to neglect; it took nine years to restore the archway. People believe the Yew Tunnel was created by the Dyer family in the 18th century.

5 Tunnel 5. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
This intriguing walkway has the feel of a book cover. James Stuart planted the Beech trees in the 18th century. The story is he wanted to impress guests as they drove toward his “Gracehill House.”
Another part of the tale is the “Grey Lady” who was a maid in a nearby mansion. She died under suspicious circumstances and now haunts the country road.

4 Tunnel4. Bamboo Path, Japan
This tunnel in Sagano Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama takes me away. It’s a nationally designated historic site and The Agency for Cultural Affairs has declared Arashiyama a “Place of Scenic Beauty.” The forest is close to famous temples and shrines. One of the most preserved sounds in Japan is the sound of the wind as it blows through the gigantic bamboo trees.

3 Tunnel 3. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
There is a tale that couples ride through this tunnel of love to make
a wish. If their love is strong and pure, the wish comes true. It’s a private rail that serves a woodworking plant near Klevan, a city in western Ukraine. The train runs three times a day … I’m gettin’ my ticket.

 2 Tunnel2. Jacarandas Walk, South Africa
If you like purple this tunnel is designed for you. Johannesburg, Africa has a man-made forest with more than 10 million trees.  Tropical trees from Uruguay, Brazil, Peru and Argentina were imported with 49 species of Jacaranda. The land is littered with blue and purple in October when the flowers are in bloom.

 1 Tunnel1. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
It would feel like royalty to stroll beneath this Wisteria draped tunnel. The blooms hang like tufts of grapes as soon as the Cherry blossoms retire. Each spring the Japanese celebrate the “Fuji Matsuri” or Wisteria Festival in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Okazaki. The Ashika Flower Park is the place that harbors
the most different varieties of Wisteria.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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