It’s Time To Come Clean

Come Clean 1It has taken a lot of soul-searching to reveal this post. In the end, Shakespeare made me do it.

You have probably noticed that things have not been right lately. My posts have been hit-n-miss, don’t show up for LBC Friday most of the time, kinda Maxi-come-lately.

First, let me say that I have an online stalker. This person hates me, has used my words against me to make my offline life extremely difficult.

This problem overshadows the joy of blogging. I have to be careful of every word I say. Looking over my shoulder all the time has erased all the fun.

For months I have battled with the decision to shut down “Maxi’s Comments.”

If I do, it will take me off the grid. Bye, bye Internet. No more platform. Aaaand I’m in the middle of a novel.

I am heartsick over this situation.

Moving on…

I have to tread real lightly with this issue.

On Tuesday night Nov. 11, I became very ill. I ran back and forth to the bathroom throughout the night, had a raging headache and a 104 degree temperature.

I slipped ‘neath the covers for the last time. I could feel myself pass out. I was going to meet my David. It is the last thing I remember.

My daughter told me later that when she came into the kitchen in the morning—my coffee pot wasn’t on and my door was closed. It was 9am. I’m always up by 5:00.

She knew something was wrong and ran to get Jen. They rushed into my room and found me ghost white with a very weak pulse. When they called out to me I didn’t answer.

It was time to call 911.

Blank - Copy
The girls told me the paramedics were there in minutes. I was unresponsive with a temperature of 107 degrees. The ambulance ran every light on the way to the emergency room, sirens screaming.

The paramedics were in contact with the hospital and the doctors ordered them to load me up with antibiotics.

When we arrived at the emergency room the tests began: CT Scan, Spinal Tap and many others. I stayed in the hospital for two days.

Gotta tell ya, I was miserable. The results of the tests were negative. I am devastated. I had prayed the doctors would find the problem and fix it. They couldn’t.

I’m home now and don’t feel too bad … not likin’ this groggy feeling though.

This really took the wind outta my sails, so I am going to take the rest of the year off.

I can’t thank you enough for being here, for always being supportive.

You fill my heart.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

P.S. I would appreciate any suggestions to my dilemma.

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You Made Me Do It

There are some people who won’t own up.
No matter how small the situation they
refuse to accept blame for anything.

Someone or something else is
always  responsible for what happens.

These are the folks who have not
learned the life lesson of accountability.

Which is:

Blame 6

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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We Can’t See It But We Believe It

Recently the LBC had the topic “Unverifiable Truth.” I did the work but wasn’t able to post it. The following is what I put together:

Commit 3Commit 0Commit 1Commit 2Commit 4Commit 5Commit 6Commit 8Aaaand my favorite…

Commited 7

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

News from Home: I’m still here y’all. Going through a struggle with
hearth and home. Doin’ my best, hang with me.
blessings ~ maxi

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New Ways To Check Out Halloween

The LBC topic of today is “Comedy of Errors.” Our girl Maxine has her own idea of backwards fun. These are just a few:

Halloween 1Halloween 2
Halloween 3Halloween 4Halloween 5Halloween 6Halloween 8Halloween 7Halloween 9Halloween 10Halloween 12Have fun y’all

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies in the LBC have their own tales to tell:

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My Kids Would Never Say This

Kids 1There is a little neighborhood newspaper that shows up in our mailbox once a month. The October issue had this funny tidbit.

An elementary school teacher gave her class the first part of a well-know saying and asked the students to finish them. Oh yeah…

These responses all came from first-graders.

Teachers                                                       Students

●    Don’t change horses…                          until they stop running
●    Strike while the…                                  bug is close
●    It’s always darkest before…                 Daylight Saving Time
●    Never underestimate the power of… termites

Kids 2
●    You can lead a horse to water but…   how?
●    Don’t bite the hand that…                    looks dirty
●    No news is…                                            impossible
●    A miss is as good as a…                         Mr.
●    You can’t teach an old dog new…        math
●    If you lie down with dogs, you’ll…      stink in the morning
●    Love all, trust…                                       me
●    The pen is mightier than the…            pigs
●    An idle mind is…                                    the best way to relax

Kids 3
●    Happy the bride who…                          gets all the presents
●    A penny saved is…                                  not much
●    Don’t put off till tomorrow what…      you put on to go to bed
●    Children should be seen and not…      spanked or grounded
●    If at first you don’t succeed…                get new batteries

Kids 4
●    When the blind lead the blind…           get out of the way
●    Better late than…                                     pregnant


Can you believe it, six-year-olds?

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

News from Home: Still workin’ hard on the home front. Lots to
do on house and property. Will try to keep up.
Love Y’all

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Fishin’ For Work

busy 5


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America Has Left The Country Part III

Flag 1The Pledge of Allegiance recited in Spanish; in Arabic with the words, one nation under Allah?

What the hey? Beam me up Scotty … back to America.

Yes, it’s true. Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado recites the Pledge of Allegiance every Monday.

Recently the pledge was said in Spanish. Next, a member of the “Cultural Arms Club” recited the pledge in Arabic. One nation under God became one nation under Allah.

All because the school wants kids from other countries to “feel good.”

If we want to welcome students from other countries and cultures the best way is to have them respect American values and beliefs.

In the first post, I wrote that granddaughter Brittany wanted the school in Colombia to say the pledge in English to make her feel welcome. I did this for affect—to draw attention to the sense of entitlement some people feel.

Should we move to South America where we would live, school, work and thrive than we would honor that country. Brittany would learn to say the pledge in Spanish to show respect.

Some people don’t respect our flag anymore. Just this morning, the news reported that a man was not allowed to fly the American flag from his balcony. The issue went away when an attorney got involved.

Flag 2In one neighborhood, a man protested the invasion of code enforcers at his home. This photo shows his solution to the problem. Don’t ya just love it?

The stories go on, all across the country.

You know what folks, it’s time to stand up, to bring back pride and respect for our flag. To honor the men and women who have sacrificed life and limb to give us the freedom to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

No matter where you are, the next time the opportunity arises, why not stand up, place your hand over your heart and … say it with me:

Flag 3

May Your Glass Always Be Full

News from home: This will be my last post for a couple of
weeks. Lotta stuff to take care of. See ya in October.

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America Has Left The Country Part II

School 01

“No, absolutely not.”

That was the answer from administrators at Fort Collins High School in Colorado when the students wanted to celebrate ‘Merica Monday to honor the United States.

“They said they didn’t want to offend anyone from other countries or immigrants,” a 16 year-old student told a news reporter. “They just really did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

“They said they didn’t want to be exclusive to any other country,” sighed a 17 year-old student council member.

Outraged students and parents talk in the shadows because the parents fear their children will face reprisals from liberal educators.

“It’s bizarre and idiotic that we’ve come to this crossroads in our society, that we are having to sacrifice our own culture and belief system,” a parent told the reporter. “I can’t even tell you how it got our blood boiling.”

School 2

Still, the teens didn’t give up. They had a solution, a compromise. Instead of ‘Merica Monday, they could celebrate My Country Monday.

“We opened it up to everyone,” the 17 year-old offered, “no matter what country you are from.”

Again the school officials said, “No.”

The kids are confused and parents are“so tired” of political correctness.

“It’s shocking,” a 16-year-old told the reporter, “There are men and women fighting for our country and we should be able to celebrate that and be proud that we live in a country where we are allowed to vote – the right to free speech. They won’t even let us celebrate it.”

School 3The most outrageous part of this story is that the students are required to take part in Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican celebration:

The solution?

The reporter began to make calls to the school district and “My Country Monday” was reinstated.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Find out in Tuesday’s post: America Has Left The Country – Part III

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies in the LBC have their own tales to tell:

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10 Glorious Sunsets To End Your Day

Look outside your window and imagine…

Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3Sunset 4Sunset 5Sunset 6Sunset 7Sunset 8Sunset 9Sunset 10

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

(photos from Corel Paintshop Pro)

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Puppy Love Ain’t Real

One of my favorite posts from the past:

When we’re young and that first special someone lights our heart afire no one can convince us love won’t last forever; until reality comes aknockin’…

 Pup 0Hey, I know you

Pup 1Don’t try to make up for bitin’ my tail

Pup 2Sorry, I won’t call you any more names

Pup 3I don’t care if you are a kitty kat

Ain’t love grand!

 May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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10 Historic Tree Tunnels of The World

Every day I think to myself I have to put this post up again; it is the most popular of any post I have ever done. Viewers come every day to gaze at these beauties…

 10 Tunnel10. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany
These Cherry Blossoms trees are a sight to behold on a
street in Bonn, Germany. The floral will create a brilliant
pink archway for 7 to 10 days, depending on the weather.

 9 Tunnel 9. Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Brazil
I could spend the day beneath the richness of these giant Rosewood.
There are more than one hundred Tipuana (Rosewood) trees along Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2006, Mayor Joseph Fogaça decreed this street a part of Brazil’s historical,
ecological and environmental heritage.

8 Tunnel 8. Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA
These trees are ablaze with the fiery colors of autumn on a street
near Smuggler’s Notch, a Vermont State park. The spectacle
begins in the North and spreads South throughout the season.

7 Tunnel 7. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan
This is dedicated to you, Fossil. The Gingko Biloba tunnel is a
blazing beauty, one of the most revered trees in all of Japan. Some
of these trees survived the Hirsoshima bombing; they are known
as “the bearer of hope” or “the living fossil.”

 6 Tunnel6. Yew Tree Tunnel, UK
The Yew Tunnel in Whales, UK has been an inspiration to writers since 1470. It’s a popular tourist attraction of the medieval Aberglasney House. The tunnel was nearly destroyed due to neglect; it took nine years to restore the archway. People believe the Yew Tunnel was created by the Dyer family in the 18th century.

5 Tunnel 5. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
This intriguing walkway has the feel of a book cover. James Stuart planted the Beech trees in the 18th century. The story is he wanted to impress guests as they drove toward his “Gracehill House.”
Another part of the tale is the “Grey Lady” who was a maid in a nearby mansion. She died under suspicious circumstances and now haunts the country road.

4 Tunnel4. Bamboo Path, Japan
This tunnel in Sagano Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama takes me away. It’s a nationally designated historic site and The Agency for Cultural Affairs has declared Arashiyama a “Place of Scenic Beauty.” The forest is close to famous temples and shrines. One of the most preserved sounds in Japan is the sound of the wind as it blows through the gigantic bamboo trees.

3 Tunnel 3. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
There is a tale that couples ride through this tunnel of love to make
a wish. If their love is strong and pure, the wish comes true. It’s a private rail that serves a woodworking plant near Klevan, a city in western Ukraine. The train runs three times a day … I’m gettin’ my ticket.

 2 Tunnel2. Jacarandas Walk, South Africa
If you like purple this tunnel is designed for you. Johannesburg, Africa has a man-made forest with more than 10 million trees.  Tropical trees from Uruguay, Brazil, Peru and Argentina were imported with 49 species of Jacaranda. The land is littered with blue and purple in October when the flowers are in bloom.

 1 Tunnel1. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
It would feel like royalty to stroll beneath this Wisteria draped tunnel. The blooms hang like tufts of grapes as soon as the Cherry blossoms retire. Each spring the Japanese celebrate the “Fuji Matsuri” or Wisteria Festival in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Okazaki. The Ashika Flower Park is the place that harbors
the most different varieties of Wisteria.

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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